Welcome to the Hide & Seek Family

I'm certainly not the type that likes to talk about her self but with our platform predominantly online for the most part it make's it hard to place a face to the business and that's certainly not what I'm about, so welcome.

How We Started.

We started back in 2018 with a strong desire to be able to supply quality leather and cowhide products to clients at an affordable price, in our current day to day world everything just seems to cost an arm and a leg and was more out of reach for people than it needed to be. Many said it could not be done, that just made the desire to make it happen so much stronger.

We are situated in our Home town of Toowoomba Qld, and this where most of the Hide & Seek magic happens.
Hide & Seek is a small family run business, that's how we started and it's certainly what we enjoy. Enjoying life in our own lane and doing what we love. 
We are predominantly online and this gives us the freedom to be able to attend events and trade shows throughout the year which really puts us in our element - Out and about showcasing the products we love with like minded people that are always up for a good chat. You couldn't ask for much more than that.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us and most importantly thank you for your support, every action whether it be supporting us through a purchase or sharing our name around or simply browsing our website/socials it all means the absolute world and we can not thank you enough.

Kate (and my little 2IC) xx